5 Commonly Made Fat Loss Mistakes


With the surplus of health gurus and “athletes” over-saturating the fitness space, it’s tough knowing what information to believe regarding fat loss. 

Well, we luckily live in time where almost every claim can be either supported or debunked through scientific research. Even better, most studies are accessible to the general public and are then shared through social media platforms.

In this article, we’re going to discuss 5 mistakes commonly made when approaching weight loss.

Let’s get started:

  1. Cut out foods you actually enjoy from your diet
  2. Bounce between “detoxes” and “cleanses.”
  3. Eliminate carbs from your diet
  4. Eat the same 5 foods every meal
  5. Drink your way into ketosis

Mistake #1

Cutting out foods you actually enjoy from your diet typically results in a misunderstanding of how fat loss actually works. Ever hear someone who’s trying to lose body fat avoid their favorite food Monday through Friday only to see their will power crumble come the weekend when that same food is offered to them? 

The Truth: You don’t lose fat because you eat specific foods. You lose fat when you’re in a caloric deficit. Calorically sparse and nutritionally dense foods tend to make this process more enjoyable. Consuming calorically dense foods without proper moderation, can easily take you from a deficit to a surplus in a matter of bites. The Fix: Include foods you enjoy into your diet. Restrictive eating proves time and time again to create a lack of self control in most people. If the food you enjoy is calorically dense, adjust your calories and macros accordingly. You can in fact eat the foods you love and work towards the body you want. It just takes some planning and patience. 

Mistake #2

Bouncing between “detoxes” and “cleanses” will leave you starved, deficient in vitamins and minerals and frustrated. The truth: These shortcuts don’t accelerate fat loss. On the contrary, they can increase cortisol levels often times resulting in a lowered performance in the gym. The Fix: If you’re really trying to clean out your body of toxins, do so by incorporating foods that positively benefit your micro gut biome. Don’t shill out hundreds of dollars on a powder or pill that will more than likely result in a slight increase in bowel movements.

Mistake #3

Eliminating carbs from your diet without a solid understanding of why you’re doing so can result in decreased in energy, increased cortisol levels, and a lowered training performance. The Truth: Your body uses carbs very efficiently as energy. Much more efficiently than fats or protein. Although it’s true you should consume specific types of carbs in appropriate amounts for your goals and style of training; y simply eliminating carbs from your diet you run the risk of going off on carb-heavy binges. The Fix: Educate yourself on how many carbs you should be eating. If still interested in reducing your carb intake, do so in a low-risk fashion that won’t result in a massive cheat meal 5 days later.

Mistake #4

Eating the same 5 foods every meal is a quick way to run yourself into a micronutrient deficiency. The Truth: While meal plans are easy to follow and require little thought, you should be weary on only eating the same vegetables, fruit and protein for extended bouts of time. The Fix: Opt for a different green fibrous vegetable every week or two. Include color into your diet specifically from various fruits and vegetables. If you only ever eat chicken or ground turkey, challenge yourself to try red meats or fish. Undulating the types of foods you eat is a good way to ensure you’re covering your  basis. 

Mistake #5

Drinking your way into ketosis is one of the biggest scams in the fitness industry. The Truth: You cannot enter ketosis when you’re consuming carbs - or excess protein for that matter. Companies understand that ‘going keto’ is all the rage right now. But wouldn’t it be easier to tell someone they can simply grab a drink that forces you into ketosis rather than having to - I don’t know… actually follow a keto diet? 

The Bottom Line

You can buy into the fads, extreme diets, quick fixes or you can find a sustainable diet that works for your body and actually incorporates foods you love. If you’re enjoying the journey, what’s the point? Once you have your nutrition under control, crank up the intensity of your lifts! Check out what our athletes are using to enhance their training and burn more body fat.

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